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Right of Christian Initiation of Adults

A person who is considering the possibility of becoming a Catholic, or who simply wishes to learn more about the Catholic Church, will find no better way to do this than to become a part of the Cathedral RCIA.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process designed to form and inform inquirers who fall into three categories:

  • The unbaptized person

  • The person baptized into a faith tradition other than Catholic

  • The baptized Catholic who was neither confirmed nor reared as a Catholic


At the Cathedral, RCIA Inquiry sessions meet every Thursday evening, with the exception of holidays at 7:00 pm in Room #303 of St. Albert Hall. The RCIA Catechumenate sessions also take place on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in Room #305 of St. Albert Hall. One must have gone through the Inquiry process to be a part of the Catechumenate.

The climax of the process comes when those who choose to do so are confirmed and baptized (if necessary) in the Catholic Church.

Our Thursday evening sessions begin promptly at 7:00 pm and close promptly at 9:00 pm. They usually begin with a song, a prayer, a scripture reading and a lecture. This may be followed by small-group discussions, a closing prayer. There are always snacks and refreshments or those coming directly from work and for everyone’s enjoyment.

A few months after beginning the RCIA process, each inquirer is assigned a sponsor. This sponsor is not to be confused with a baptismal or confirmation sponsor. The RCIA sponsor is a practicing Catholic, usually a member of this parish, who goes through the sessions and rites (ceremonies) of the process with the inquirer, serving as a friend and mentor.

There are various periods and phases and rites in the RCIA process, which will be explained before the inquirer experiences them. To do so upon reading this might be confusing. The only things that are important for the reader to understand now is that there is no charge and absolutely no pressure put upon an inquirer.

The RCIA is not a program or a class, but a sacramental formation process that prepares individuals and communities for a particular way of life as Catholic Christians. Conversion is at the heart of that way of life. Conversion is a turning around, an about-face; it is the change that happens when we allow God to love us enough that God reforms us.

In religious conversion we surrender ourselves to the all-loving God, who calls us from individual self-satisfaction a renewed and more authentic life in relationship with Him. Catholics understand conversion as a continuing process throughout our lives.

Conversion manifests itself in different ways (intellectually, morally, and emotionally) but it is always a radical shift from one way of being to another. The RCIA process helps people name and embrace the stirrings of God within them to new life. (The RCIA Transforming the Church, Thomas H. Morris, 1997)

If you have further questions, please contact Kevin F. Raymond or call the Cathedral office at (615) 327-2330.

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